[Mulgara-general] Can't connect to remote Mulgara repository using ConnectionFactory [SOLVED]

David Legg david.legg at searchevent.co.uk
Fri Nov 21 12:03:29 UTC 2008

Paul + Alex + Ron,

>>> BTW, would the XML or JSON responses from URLs be suitable
>>> replacements for what you're trying to do? The TQL interface isn't
>>> transactional (I should look into that), but it's good for querying.
>>> I'd suggest that it's preferable to using RMI for doing remote queries
>>> (which is why I wrote it).
>> You may have a point.  I'm rapidly going off RMI from a networking point
>> of view!
> I went off it a LONG time ago.

I've been living under a mis-comprehension ;-)

I have been developing an application that talks to a remote Sesame 
repository running on optimus (my Linux server).  I mistakenly thought 
that under the hood all the communication was going on through RMI.  
Thanks to Ron's suggestion about WireShark I can now actually see the 
communication for myself.  It seems all the results are coded in TriX 
[1] which is a defacto standard for transferring Triples around in an 
XML format.  The actual communication is based on HTTP.  This explains a 

I couldn't understand why I had no problem talking to a remote Sesame 
server but heaps of problems talking to Mulgara... but now I do.

Thanks also to Alex for suggesting the problem may be how the hostname 
is setup on the server and to Ron for giving me the clue how to spot 
it.  When I tried pinging the server from the server I got 
which is not only wrong... it is very wrong!

So... thanks all round.

Paul,  I think based on this experience I'm wholly in favour of being 
able to eventually remotely access the full power of Mulgara through a 
RESTful web interface.  It is just so much more reliable, easier to 
setup, easier to protect with a firewall etc.

David Legg

[1] http://www.hpl.hp.com/techreports/2004/HPL-2004-56.pdf

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