[Mulgara-general] New JTA support now considered beta - please test and report success/failure to the list.

Amit Kapoor amitkapoor at mindspring.com
Mon Jan 14 15:09:50 UTC 2008

Hi Andrae,

    This is really good to hear and thanks for taking the time on getting this
    done. I hope this, along with SPARQL and XA2, goes a long way in making
    Mulgara the RDF store of choice.

On Mon, Jan 14, 2008 at 08:42:54PM +1000, Andrae Muys wrote:
> With revision 625 I am finally satisfied that the new JTA interface  
> is functionally complete and has been subjected to a reasonable  
> number of tests.  This will allow Mulgara transactions to be  
> synchronised with other databases which will provide an immediate  
> solution to the problem of how to support BLOBS and other file/ 
> document storage.  I would particularly like to thank the Topaz  
> Foundation for their financial and logistical support that made this  
> improvement feasible, it really is greatly appreciated.

    :) We (Topaz) are going to start soon enough with this. We have some of the
    capabilities of treating 'blob' as literal values for a triple via Java
    annotations. Currently you can store this in Fedora
    (http://fedoracommons.org), but the interface is simple enough that you
    store elsewhere.

> Given the impact that changes to transaction code can have on  
> stability I will feel much more comfortable if other people have  
> tried it out before I merge the changes into trunk. I am therefore  
> going to declare the mgr-73 branch 'in beta' for a week or two to  
> give everyone a chance to try it out - and I'll spend some of that  
> time writing documentation for the interface.
> In the meantime the branch can be checked out of subversion at  
> https://mulgara.org/svn/mulgara/branches/mgr-73.
> Examples of the JTA interface in use can be found in the unit tests:
>    src/jar/resolver/java/org/mulgara/resolver/ 
> ExternalTransactionUnitTest.java
>    src/jar/resolver/java/org/mulgara/resolver/ 
> JotmTransactionStandaloneTest.java

    We will try and run some tests.


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