[Mulgara-general] iTQL question regarding therelationshipbetween query size and query speed

David Moll DMoll at myAperio.com
Fri Apr 18 17:47:53 UTC 2008

> Not that it's a big deal, but which OS are you on?

The server is running Win2k3 Server SP2, 64-bit.


>Moving from 1.1 to 1.2 certainly speeds up loading data. I can't
>recall anything that would slow down queries. If you find yourself in
>a position where you can compare version directly (without changing
>other parameters) and the queries HAVE slowed down, then please let us
>know and I'll try doing a comparison to see where the time went.

I'm setting up some tests to run over the weekend after I repopulate the
database with URIs instead of URNs to gather more performance
information.  I have both the 1.1.1 and 1.2.1 versions installed, just
in separate directories, so I can easily switch between the two by
turning one on and the other off.  Although I may simply set them up to
use different port numbers and server directories.  We currently have
three separate instances of Mulgara running on the machine in three
different JVMs for different test environments.


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