[Mulgara-general] problem with Session.modelExists(URI uri)

Edwin Shin eddie at cs.cornell.edu
Wed Oct 31 18:34:50 UTC 2007

Session.modelExists(URI uri) in Mulgara 1.1.0 isn't working as I would 

For example, inserting the following:

	session.modelExists(new URI(modelURI));

after line 134 in org.mulgara.server.local.LocalSessionFactoryUnitTest 
(i.e., after the assignment of modelURI but before creating the model), 

	"Failed to determine model existence"
which seems to root from
	"org.mulgara.resolver.spi.LocalizeException: Unable to localize 
rmi://localhost/testServer#testModel - Couldn't localize node"

This didn't happen in Kowari (1.0.5).

So I just started to omit the calls to modelExists() as creating a model 
that already exists doesn't seem to cause a problem--except I then with 
a remote client/server session (no longer using a LocalSessionFactory) I 
started seeing some other problems (but I haven't had a chance to track 
down exactly what's going on in that case). I figured I'd just inquire 
if this new (since Kowari) behavior of modelExists is intentional or if 
creating a model that already exists should never pose a problem (local 
or remote notwithstanding).


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