[Mulgara-general] http config

Gregg Reynolds dev at mobileink.com
Tue Nov 3 20:37:04 UTC 2009

Hi list,

After much gnashing of teeth I've figured out how to configure the embedded
Jetty webserver using an xml file.  I need this because I need to have it
serve up a static webpage containing ajax calls to the server; by having
mulgara itself serve up the page I avoid the cross-domain security
annoyance.  Without this I had to serve the page from a different webserver
and hack doGet in ProtocolServlet.java so it would sent the correct
Access-Control-Allow-Origin header.

So my question is, what do I need to do to get the developers to think that
serving static pages from e.g. public_html should be part of the default
configuration?  I'd like to be able to tell my users to just download
mulgara, copy some files into public_html, and let'r rip.

Second question is, is there any interest in converting the existing
configuration logic into XML files?  I think I've figured out the code and I
think all the Jetty configuration stuff could be migrated to XML files
without disruption.  Might as well finish the job if it would be useful.  If
this is out of the question please let me know so I don't waste time on it.


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