[Mulgara-dev] Transaction Fix merged into trunk.

Andrae Muys andrae at netymon.com
Thu Jan 4 00:06:47 UTC 2007

I am gratified to be able announce that the new transaction  
architecture has been merged from xafix-impl into the trunk.

The two critical technical features this provides are:

1) Fixes a transaction isolation bug.
2) Permits Answer's to overlap within a single session.

The critical infrastructure benefits we gain from this is the ability  
to separate sessions from operations from transactions - which was  
required before we could seriously consider developing XA2.

 From a refactoring perspective long-standing developers will be  
pleased to know that the last vestiges of AbstractDatabaseSession  
have finally been eliminated with extreme prejudice.  DatabaseSession  
is now permanently under 1kloc, and more importantly is now only  
concerned with session management - transaction management has been  
refactored into MulgaraTransaction and MulgaraTransactionManager /  
operation support has been refactored into DatabaseOperationContext.

I do apologise for not getting this done before christmas, but I had  
a paper proposal on Mulgara/XA2 accepted to Linux.Conf.AU at the last  
minute and had to write the paper.

As an administrative matter I believe this merge leaves only URI/URL  
deconflation as a release blocker for the next release.  This means  
that we could expect to enter a code-freeze by the end of the month,  
for release end-Jan/early-Feb.

It also means that I am looking for funding to continue mulgara  
development.  If you have any bugs or features you are particularly  
interested in seeing fixed/developed and would like to discuss  
funding them please feel to contact me.  Of particular interest to me  
is any interest in supporting the development of XA2 which I will be  
working towards for the rest of this month, after which point I will  
require funding to continue.

Andrae Muys

Andrae Muys
andrae at netymon.com
Principal Mulgara Consultant
Netymon Pty Ltd

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