[Mulgara-dev] Modernizing Mulgara Architecture

Brian Sletten brian at bosatsu.net
Thu Sep 28 12:37:38 UTC 2006

On Sep 28, 2006, at 6:48 AM, Leif Johansson wrote:

> On Thursdayen den 28 September 2006 02:04, Brian Sletten wrote:
>> I've posted some thoughts that I am planning on pursuing at:
>> http://mulgara.org/confluence/display/dev/Modern+Architecture
> I have a slightly different interpretation of the basic idea expressed
> in the first senteces.
Ok, please share. :)

>> I'd like to hear what other people think on the approach.
> I think the approach should be to find out what the minimal mulgara
> which can fit into j2ee looks like!

Ok, I've gotten this a couple of times so obviously I need to update  
the page.

In my scenario, there will be a few different releases that target  
different levels
of functionality. At the core would be exactly what you describe,  
something small
that can either stand alone or be dropped into a J2EE container.

People who want to roll their own security infrastructure, leverage  
J2EE security, etc. certainly can
build on this, but people who want the extra functionality can get it  
in a standalone
environment too.

> Specifically I think mulgara should be something (cf my note about
> jce recently) which can plug into a standard j2ee application server.

J2EE compatibility will be a feature, but as a locus of innovation,  
that space has been
pretty arid (which is fine, some people prefer stability over  
innovation). As I mentioned,
however, I want to be able to deploy into modern containers like  
AsyncWeb, NetKernel, etc.

> I have specific comments about xfire and acegi and webflow but that
> is less relevant about the general idea.

I am interested in hearing them regardless.



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