[Mulgara-dev] Java 1.6

Paul Gearon gearon at ieee.org
Wed Sep 20 14:45:59 UTC 2006

Hi all,

Since we don't have commercial pressures keeping Mulgara compatible
with previous versions of Java, I've started making sure that Mulgara
compiles and runs correctly on Java 1.6 (Beta).

Unlike the 1.4 -> 1.5 transition, this one is MUCH easier.

One of the required changes involves new interface requirements in the
java.sql package, which needs changes in:

These classes came about back when we wanted TKS/Kowari to have a JDBC
adaptor, but we later determined that this is a bad idea.  So the
classes are currently unused.

It's easy enough to update the classes, but since they're unused I am
about to delete them instead.  I just thought I'd ask in case someone
has some compelling reason to resurrect them.

(Incidentally, this is the only change needed to compile Mulgara on
Java 1.6.  Some more changes are required to make all the tests pass).


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