[Mulgara-dev] Migrating Bug Reports (v1.2)

Paul Gearon gearon at ieee.org
Fri Sep 15 03:36:43 UTC 2006

On Sep 12, 2006, at 9:40 AM, Brian Sletten wrote:

> I've actually been investigating this in the past week. I'm  
> currently thinking of two interfaces: One Spring MVC + WebFlow for  
> browsers and one RESTlet-based to expose REST services in a light  
> way. A more scalable infrastructure will occur when Mulgara is  
> married to NetKernel. This should be fine for anyone using the  
> union as a stand-alone triplestore. Anyone who wants to build on it  
> with non-OSI-compliant tools will have to buy a NetKernel license  
> which is reasonable.

Actually, I'm not comfortable with that.

I've known of quite a few places which would NOT choose software  
because of the requirement of a commercial license.  Often this is  
because it is developers who choose to use one tool or another, and  
have no control of the budget.  Once they've built something useful,  
and have the prospect of real sales, then they have an argument for  
using something with a license fee, but that is usually so far off  
that they just choose something free to develop with instead.

I've been in this position myself, and every time I've gone with the  
free alternative, even when it was obviously inferior.  I didn't  
really have a choice.

I don't want to create any impediments to using Mulgara.  While some  
kind of modular (read: optional) integration with NetKernel is  
desirable, I am against the prospect of tying the two together.

Someone also pointed out that if people have to pay a royalty to use  
Mulgara, it would be nice if some of the money went to *us* and not a  
third party.  :-)  (no, I'm not suggesting we charge for it)

Paul Gearon

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