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thomas thomas at stray.net
Thu Sep 14 06:28:49 UTC 2006


i had offered my help in transferring the documentation to a new software. 
while i surely don't want to stand in your way ;-) in can still do so, but 
not before the first half of october. but if you want to start now and can 
use some help later please contact me!

i already looked into some softwares and my proposal would be not  to use 
Confluence for the documentation site but a more CMS-like solution. i like 
the DaisyCMS since it offers a lot of features for navigation which wikis 
generally lack (and confluence seems to be no exception) while retaining 
relatively easy to use authoring capabilities.
i generally find wikis hard to navigate when i'm new to a subject and 
documentation should be easy to access. a wiki as a point where ongoing 
development and unfinished drafts are published for discussion or 
documentation is another thing and there the wiki way of doing things is 
surely very usefull. although i think that daisy is nearly as good as a 
wiki in this respect. besides, it also offers versioning and diffs. 
actually it was developed as a tool for documentation (and named DaisyWiki 
in the beginning although it is not wiki-like enough to justify that name). 
just my 2 cents.


mailto:thomas at stray.net

--On 14. September 2006 15:50:54 +1000 Andrae Muys <andrae at netymon.com> 

> I asked Paul to create a public documentation space on confluence,  which
> he has done.  Migrating the docs from the old kowari  documentation is
> the first order of business.  I'm asking for  comments on the following
> breakdown of docs:
> Quickstart Guide
> Introduction to Developing with RDF and Mulgara
> Installation and Administration Guide
> Itql Reference Guide
> Programmers Guide Part 1 - Client API.
> Programmers Guide Part 2 - Resolver and Security SPI's.
> Programmers Guide Part 3 - Extending and Embedding Mulgara
> Mulgara FAQ
> Mulgara License and Legals
> We probably also want a couple of tutorials and howto's.
> It is also critical that we write an executive summary describing  what
> rdf/mulgara is, and why it is important in terms of commercial  benefits,
> not features.  While much shorter than the above documents,  it's just as
> important long-term, and much harder to get right.
> Anyway, once we have a basic agreement on the structure of the
> documentation, I'll start migrating the old kowari documents over as  a
> starting point.
> Andrae

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