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Andrae Muys andrae at netymon.com
Thu Sep 14 05:50:54 UTC 2006

I asked Paul to create a public documentation space on confluence,  
which he has done.  Migrating the docs from the old kowari  
documentation is the first order of business.  I'm asking for  
comments on the following breakdown of docs:

Quickstart Guide
Introduction to Developing with RDF and Mulgara
Installation and Administration Guide
Itql Reference Guide
Programmers Guide Part 1 - Client API.
Programmers Guide Part 2 - Resolver and Security SPI's.
Programmers Guide Part 3 - Extending and Embedding Mulgara
Mulgara FAQ
Mulgara License and Legals

We probably also want a couple of tutorials and howto's.

It is also critical that we write an executive summary describing  
what rdf/mulgara is, and why it is important in terms of commercial  
benefits, not features.  While much shorter than the above documents,  
it's just as important long-term, and much harder to get right.

Anyway, once we have a basic agreement on the structure of the  
documentation, I'll start migrating the old kowari documents over as  
a starting point.


Andrae Muys
andrae at netymon.com
Principal Kowari Consultant
Netymon Pty Ltd

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