[Mulgara-dev] Migrating Bug Reports (v1.2)

Brian Sletten brian at bosatsu.net
Tue Sep 12 14:40:32 UTC 2006

On Sep 12, 2006, at 7:53 AM, Paul Gearon wrote:

> I suspect that the non-ASCII Unicode characters in one of the  
> queries were translated into entities when they were submitted to  
> the bug tracker.
> The WebUI has several problems associated with it, not least the  
> fact that it violates some of the client/server rules inside the  
> server, requiring a few hacks to make it work right.  Since it was  
> only ever a demo, I would have liked to be rid of it, but enough  
> people have told me they rely on it to convince me that we need to  
> keep it.  :-(
> If we ARE to keep the WebUI, then I think we need to re-write it  
> completely.  It is currently using Barracuda, which is too  
> heavyweight for what it's doing.  I believe that no one here is all  
> that familiar with Barracuda anyway (it was implemented by Ben, who  
> of course isn't working on Mulgara anymore).  Given how simple the  
> page is, we can probably hand code it together without a great deal  
> of effort (or use a simpler tool), and remove the dependency on  
> xmlc-all-runtime-2.2.jar

I've actually been investigating this in the past week. I'm currently  
thinking of two interfaces: One Spring MVC + WebFlow for browsers and  
one RESTlet-based to expose REST services in a light way. A more  
scalable infrastructure will occur when Mulgara is married to  
NetKernel. This should be fine for anyone using the union as a stand- 
alone triplestore. Anyone who wants to build on it with non-OSI- 
compliant tools will have to buy a NetKernel license which is  

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