[Mulgara-dev] Migrating Bug Reports (v1.2)

Paul Gearon gearon at ieee.org
Tue Sep 12 11:53:39 UTC 2006

On Sep 12, 2006, at 4:15 AM, Andrae Muys wrote:

> [ 1081778 ] WebUI does not support Unicode characters
> 1.  As far as I can tell the two queries are identical.  Still I  
> don't know much about i18n, so I'm not the person to ask about this  
> bug.
> 2.  As reported it only affects one aspect of the webui, so it's a  
> non-critical bug.  Also webui bug isn't going to affect  
> applications using mulgara.
> 3.  Probably worth fixing, but it doesn't affect me at all personally.
> 4.  I don't know enough about unicode and i18n.

I suspect that the non-ASCII Unicode characters in one of the queries  
were translated into entities when they were submitted to the bug  

The WebUI has several problems associated with it, not least the fact  
that it violates some of the client/server rules inside the server,  
requiring a few hacks to make it work right.  Since it was only ever  
a demo, I would have liked to be rid of it, but enough people have  
told me they rely on it to convince me that we need to keep it.  :-(

If we ARE to keep the WebUI, then I think we need to re-write it  
completely.  It is currently using Barracuda, which is too  
heavyweight for what it's doing.  I believe that no one here is all  
that familiar with Barracuda anyway (it was implemented by Ben, who  
of course isn't working on Mulgara anymore).  Given how simple the  
page is, we can probably hand code it together without a great deal  
of effort (or use a simpler tool), and remove the dependency on xmlc- 


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