[Mulgara-dev] Migrating Bug Reports (v1.2)

Andrae Muys andrae at netymon.com
Tue Sep 12 09:15:45 UTC 2006

On 12/09/2006, at 4:33 PM, Andrae Muys wrote:

> In much the same way as the feature requests, here are the 4 bugs  
> listed for kowari 1.2.
> Again questions to be answered.
> 1. Does this bug exist in mulgara.
> 2. If so, what is it's impact (corruption/correctness/stability/ 
> feature-failure/etc)
> 3. How important is fixing this to you
> 4. Are you willing to be assigned this bug.

[ 1081778 ] WebUI does not support Unicode characters

1.  As far as I can tell the two queries are identical.  Still I  
don't know much about i18n, so I'm not the person to ask about this bug.
2.  As reported it only affects one aspect of the webui, so it's a  
non-critical bug.  Also webui bug isn't going to affect applications  
using mulgara.
3.  Probably worth fixing, but it doesn't affect me at all personally.
4.  I don't know enough about unicode and i18n.

[ 1081719 ] Does not compile under Java 1.5

1.  I believe this is fixed. cf. Paul's announcement a couple of  
weeks back.
2.  Important going forward, but I don't consider anything that  
doesn't involve corruption/correctness or stability to be critical.
3.  Compiling under 1.5 before Sun released 1.6 was important :)
4.  I would have been, but Paul beat me too it :).

[ 1373829 ] SOAP Results aren't Pagable

1.  Yes.
2.  This is really a feature request, not a bug.
3.  I would prefer to implement an xml-rpc binding then to fix this.
     A language independent binding that supports session management,  
transactions, and paging is a very high priority.
     I don't think much of SOAP; xmlrpc requires less of its  
supporting xml libraries and consequently has higher cross-language  
     Therefore my preference is to implement xmlrpc bindings instead.
4.  I already intend to implement xmlrpc bindings for mulgara.

[ 1313253 ] Use Java 1.5's Built-in Array.toString() Pretty Printer

1.  Yes.
2.  We currently use AbstractTuples.toString(), this is used for  
debugging/logging only so non-critical.  It is however a relatively  
trivial change.
3.  Would probably be nice, but it's not critical.
4.  Anyone with a spare 1/2 hour could probably get this done as a  

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