[Mulgara-dev] possible tks 2.1 issue fixed in Mulgara?

Ben Hysell BenH at viewpointusa.com
Fri Sep 8 18:47:49 UTC 2006

We are still running tks 2.1 in our production environment (xp64 4G ram
with the "LARGEADRESSAWARE" bit in the java .exe header) and this
afternoon we have run into an interesting issue.  


We are most curious if this issue has been 1. seen before, and 2. if it
has been seen fixed in Mulgara. 


As an aside our database is ~9,600,000 triples.


The issue: After an hour or so of processing (running inserts, deletes,
and queries) we are unable to return responses for querying predicates.




select $s $p $o from <> where $s $p $o returns everything in the system
as one would expect.  


However, the second I start to explore the model by clicking on the $p
the system returns "No results found." 


If from above $p was <aName> and I ran the following queries:


select $subject $object from <> where $subject <aName> $object;




select $subject $predicate from <> where $subject $predicate <aName>;


Both would return "No results found."  


If we run these queries right after a restore we get the expected
results...however it appears to us that after an hour of processing
something magically removes all of the information about the predicates
in the system.  


It appears to us the predicate indices in tks has been corrupted after a
period of working with the database.  Is this an accurate assessment of
what could be happening?  If it is, is there any way to prevent it?  Is
there a way to force TKS to rebuild the indices (short of restoring)?


Has this been seen before and fixed in Mulgara?


Again, thanks to everyone for all of your help.  If there is anything
key I have left out please do not hesitate to ask.





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