[Mulgara-dev] Itql Jar

Paul Gearon gearon at ieee.org
Thu Sep 7 18:32:49 UTC 2006


I just had a look in the itql-1.0.0.jar file and saw a LOT of classes
that seem to be completely unused.

There are BEEP classes (org.mulgara.server.beep.*,
org.beepcore.beep.*), numerous utility classes (e.g.
org.mulgara.util.IntFile), concurrency libraries from cs.oswego.edu,
JRDF (is this used at the client end?), a utility library from
mathcs.emory.edu, and so on.

Are all of these needed?  Even if they are, some of these packages
contain hundreds of classes, but only a couple may be used.  It all
looks like a good candidate for a major cleanup.  After all, a client
library should be small and lightweight, but it's currently 2.1MB.

Rather than waste days tracking thinggs down, I'm hoping someone will
have ideas about things that aren't needed at all.

Paul Gearon

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