[Mulgara-dev] Eclipse Project and Debugging Mulgara

Brian Sletten brian at bosatsu.net
Sun Sep 3 21:38:32 UTC 2006

Folks, I cleaned up the Eclipse project to make it easier to debug a  
Mulgara server.

If you are interested in doing this, please let me know your  
experiences, but you should be able to do a check out as project from  
within Eclipse and have things ready to go.

Because many classes in the Mulgara project are generated from config  
files, these need to be made available to Eclipse. There are several  
ways this could be handled, but because these files are not changed  
often and the build process is hella complicated, I created a fairly  
straightforward approach. Once you do a check out (either through  
Ecilpse or CLI), do a "build.sh clean ideSupport" (or build.bat if  
you are on Windows) to generate an ideSupport.jar in the dist  
directory. This contains almost all of the generated files needed to  
run an instance of Mulgara in a debugger. Note that this will be very  
helpful in NetBeans/IDEA as well, but I haven't generated projects  
for those.

Once you run the ideSupport target, do a refresh in Eclipse. You  
should only have a single error after this in a Descriptor test  
because a SOAP binding isn't being generated. I don't want to spend  
any more time on this now, but I'll fix it later if no one else does.

If you are down to only the three errors related to this Descriptor  
issue, you should be able run/debug Mulgara through  
org.mulgara.server.EmbeddedMulgaraServer (which is in src/jar/server/ 

Let me know how this works for you.
Brian J. Sletten (brian at bosatsu.net)
GPG: http://www.bosatsu.net/gpg/brian.asc

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