[Mulgara-dev] License Question.

Brian Sletten brian at bosatsu.net
Mon Oct 23 23:02:51 UTC 2006

My understanding of that clause is that it is if you pull software  
(Java code) out of Mulgara (not simply use the public APIs) the  
software you remove or it's mutated form (Java files) maintain their  
license. The mutated forms (of those files, not your project)  
maintain their original license.

That is certainly our intent. Dave Wood or someone who has spent more  
time reading through these licenses will comment in the near future,  
I am sure, but it is not our intent (nor my understanding) that our  
license is viral; it is just sticky.

We are pleased to have a cool project like Sakai looking to use our  

Let us know if you have any issues,


Brian J. Sletten (brian at bosatsu.net)
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